How many monitors can be run during the trial period?

During your trial period you get 1 free and open use of all monitors and features.

How long does it take to refresh the dashboard?

The dashboard is being refreshed automatically.

Do you have a public page for your services that my customers can see?

We are working on adding a feature like this down the line in the nearest future.

If I decide I need more monitoring type, how do I add them?

To add more monitoring checks your account click on the add package icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Are my website stats affected?

No, they are not. Analytics services mostly (like Google Analytics) use JavaScript to collect data and Ocadeus’ requests don't trigger JavaScript. For non-JavaScript trackers, excluding Ocadeus’ IPs will help.

What should I do in case I forget my password?

After a failed attempt to log in, a message with a link to reset the password will appear. Click on the link and enter the email address you used while registering in the system. A message will be sent to that address with a link resetting the password. Click on the resetting link and enter a new password twice. Done!

How many monitoring checks will I need?

It all depends on how complex your website is. For monitoring small business website, two tests should be enough, which will monitor:
- Availability and content of the home page.
- Home page loading time.

What’s the main purpose of getting my time zone information?

As our services are used by clients from all over the world, our goal is to make sure data are displayed in your time zone.

Can I try Ocadeus for free?

Of course! We provide a 14-day monitoring as a FREE trial to all our new users, so you can experience our services provided. Get started now!

How the price is calculated?

You can find the price list in a dash board with the full information provided.

What are the IP addresses of your Uptime monitoring locations?

You can find the IP address of servers in the dashboard http://www.ocadeus.com/tutorials

Is there a limit to the number of sites I can monitor using Uptime monitoring?

No. There is no limit.

If I want to check PING and HTTP for one URL, does it count as two monitors?


Can I check for text in my page using the Uptime monitor?

Yes, you can verify whether the text exists or not in a web page or html source.

How many URLs (IPs) can I have monitored?

It depends on the subscription package. See the price list in the dashboard.

How many email accounts can be set up as contacts for monitoring?

There is no limit on the number of email accounts that can be set up as contacts for your monitoring.

Is there a way to receive alerts continuously when there is an issue detected?

No. The notification is being sent once within a minute after recognizing any error.

I didn't receive any up/down notifications.

Please make sure that there are alert contacts attached to the monitor. This can be done/checked through the "edit monitor" dialog.

Can alerts about failures of one website be sent to many recipients?

Yes. You can define any number of alert recipients in ‘Your Contacts’ section. Then you can assign them to selected monitored websites and choose how they will receive notifications.

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