Monitor Your Websites, Servers, Cameras And More... Anytime From Anywhere

Ocadeus was founded in 2017. It is a monitoring system that will check availability and response time of websites, servers, cameras, cloud and hosted services with our easy-to-use tool. Throughout web based system’s life-cycle there are occurring many errors which can become the result of your business breakdown. There will be integrated alerting system that will notify the user in case of any error. With us you can be assured of being aware of it in a minute which will help you to prevent the troublesome. Like most software companies, we are passionate about our product. But first we are passionate about our users. We’re here for your benefit. This drives what we do and how we behave. “Ocadeus” is designed around the idea that lives and livelihoods depend on them to work properly and reliably. We know that our product must be sustainable at every stage in their life-cycle.